Tractor Pulling 2022

The tractor pulling returned in 2022 with the ITPC performing their first pull in three years at Dualla.

Gallery 2022

Results 2022

 5.8T Claas

1 Tommy Breen Renault Temis Tipperary

2 Alvin Young MF 2805 Donegal

3 Daniel O Brien Case 5150 Galway

7.5T Class

1 Matthew Young MF3695 Donegal

2 Oliver Humes NH T7550 Clare

2 Kevin Bourke Valtra T191 Limerick

3 Martin Donlan NH 6080 Galway

9.5T Class

1 Sean Bourke JD 6195R Kilkenny

2 Jason Flanagan MF6485 Donegal

3 Jamie Heffernan MF6499 Tipperary


1 Anthony Rice Valtra Tipperary

2 Pa Mchugh MF5873 Galway

3 Gearoid O Callaghan Ford 8970 Clare

Open Class

1 Seamus Allis Claas 950 Tipperary

2 Anthony Rice Valtra Tipperary

3 Pa Mchugh MF Galway


1 John Leavy Pure Mule Longford

2 Darren Bailey Challenger Laois

Super Farm 3.5T

1 Noel Watt Dirty Harry Tyrone

2 Pat Leonard Horrid Henry Wexford

3 Tony Heffernan Massey Red Thunder Carlow

Super Sport 3.5T

1 Conor Breen Claas Act Tipperary

2 Johnny Owens Built for Mulin Laois

3 Edward O Rourke Rooster Waterford