Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

Dualla Show Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

  • All exhibitors and trade stands are by prior agreement and advance payment in full. Cancellation of exhibit space is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • The exhibitor must operate their stand in the space allocation agreed. The event manager reserves the right to withdraw permission or close down an exhibition stand if not set up in accordance with their agreement.
  • The exhibitor must be insured for public liability with minimum of €3.5 million limit of indemnity for any one incident and a cover note to this effect must be submitted with their payment
  • Dualla Show Ltd. will not entertain the trading and selling of goods which may cause harm or disruption at our Show. These products include pellet guns, knives, water pistols, silly spray etc. Trading/selling should only take place from the allocated trade stand area. Failure to abide by these Terms & Conditions will result in the goods being seized/impounded and the trader in question will be required to leave the show grounds. No refund of entry fees or associated costs will be provided should this situation arise.
  • No petrol generators are permitted.
  • Exhibitors can set up on the days leading up to the show but must be completed by 9.30am on the morning of the show.
  • All vehicles other than agreed support vehicles must be removed from the main show grounds before the show opens to the general public at 11am.
  • The exhibitor is not permitted to sub-let, transfer or share an exhibit space.
  • The exhibitor is not permitted to erect any associated signage on the approach roads or around the show grounds without prior approval from the event manager. Unapproved signage will be removed and not returned.
  •  The exhibitor shall ensure that its exhibit stand is tidy at all times and will be responsible for proper disposal of any litter.
  • The exhibitor shall not commence closing down its stand until 6pm on the day of the Show.
  • The exhibitor shall leave its stand space completely clear of litter as recycle skips are available on site.
  • The exhibitor shall comply with all current regulation, including Safety, Health and Welfare Act and the guidance issued by the Health and Safety Authority in relation to it.
  • Dualla Show Ltd. will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from any source whatsoever. The Exhibitor is advised to make adequate arrangements for protection of their exhibits. The Show management accepts no liability for theft, damage to property, personal injury, death or other loss caused to the Exhibitor or its authorized persons
  • The exhibitor shall not sell refreshments, food or drink for immediate consumption as this infringes our catering franchise agreements.
  • Strictly no casual traders, ticket sellers or fund raiser collections permitted to the show.