Live at the Marquee 2023

This year’s Live at the Marquee event will have cookery demos with TV chef Aisling Larkin and gardening tips with Arrabawn’s Ultan Nesbitt.

Aisling Larkin

Dualla Show is delighted to have broadcaster, cook and consultant Aisling Larkin giving cookery demonstrations throughout the day.

Aisling is one of Ireland’s most well-known TV cooks. Each week she educates, empowers and excites viewers to create nourishing and wholesome modern dishes. With a media career spanning almost a decade, Aisling is a mainstay in homes and on commutes and walks each week with her TV, radio, social media and podcasts appearances, Aisling has spent the last 15 years teaching, creating, learning, consulting and delivering on all things food and wellness. 

Aisling has a knowledgeable, broad and expert background with expertise as a tv cook, food media broadcaster, educator, feeding therapist, mindful eating coach, keynote speaker, and food & wellness consultant (Workplace Wellness at TU and Organisational Leadership with Oxford’s Sa’i’d Business School).

She has run her cookery school, taught thousands to cook, created educational programmes, campaigns and content for international brands and has just delivered a highly innovative and holistic food and wellness project for a leading food service company in Ireland.  Aisling has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area.

Ultan Nesbitt

Arrabawn’s Ultan Nesbitt will be giving gardening tips on late summer flower baskets, roses, fruit bushes and herb gardens.