Tug O’War 2023

Dualla Show 2023 will host a 6-team tug of war once again in association with Tug of War Munster and Tug of War Ireland.

About Tug of War Ireland

Tug of War Ireland is an amateur organisation that acts as the governing body for the sport of Tug of War in the Rep. of Ireland.

There are over twenty affiliated clubs across the country. Teams usually consist of eight or five pullers whose total weight must not exceed the weight category of that particular competition. A contest is judged by the competition referee using a strict set of rules laid down by the Tug of War International Federation (TWIF) and the T.O.W.I.

Competitors in outdoor Tug of War wear specially made boots with a steel-plated heel which is used to penetrate the surface of the ground. Competition weights for both national and international Tug of War range from 480kilos for women to 720kilos for men. The typical weight categories for men are 600kg, 640kg, 680kg and 720kg. The provincial boards organise provincial championships in Ulster, Connaught, Leinster and Munster, the provincial championships take place before the national championships. The outdoor season usually begins in April with the provincial championships while the national championships commence in either June or July. The World or European championships take place every other year in September.