Tipperary Truck Show Terms & Conditions

Dualla Show and Tipperary Truck Show is a licensed event. Truck Show entrants and attendees must comply with the conditions laid out in the event management license.

The safety of entrants, attendees and volunteer staff is of the utmost importance. We ask that you are respectful of the local community by avoiding disruptive noise, behaviors or actions.

Truck Show Entry Terms & Conditions

  • Vehicle access to the 2023 Tipperary Truck show grounds is restricted to pre-registered entries only through our online booking portal.
  • The Truck Show is limited to Tractor Units and Rigid Trucks being judged in the overall truck showing competition.
  • Tickets are limited due to space availability and planning restrictions. Tickets will be sold on a  first-come first-served basis.
  • Once all available spaces are allocated, no further bookings will be accepted.
  • Truck entries are €60 plus €2.50 booking fee per truck + 1 passenger.
  • Additional passengers over 16 years of age will be charged €20 each.
  • Truck Show build and preparation commences for all pre-registered entries from 7am and 5pm on Saturday 26th August.
  • Trucks must arrive via the pre-registration area close to the showgrounds where stewards will scan tickets, issue the driver their wristband and field pass and direct them to the showgrounds.
  • Trucks wishing to park together must arrive together.
  • Saturday night activities are reserved for Truck Show entrants and is a private and closed event.
  • Entrants leaving the show field on Saturday night will not be permitted re-entry without a valid wristband.
  • All approach roads to the event will be reduced to local access and pre-registered vehicles from 7am Saturday 26th to 9am Sunday 27th August.  
  • Trucks must remain stationary during the event until the event manager is satisfied that all safety measures are in place so that trucks are permitted to leave safely commencing from 5pm Sunday 27th August.
  • Use of air horns or excessive noise after 10.30pm is not permitted.
  • Truck Show entrants cannot trade or exhibit commercially without prior agreement with management.
  • Truck Show entries are non-refundable. No exceptions can be made due to cancellations.
  • Wristbands must be worn at all times so security can clearly identify patrons of the show.
  • No onsite camping is permitted in the truck show area.
  • Management reserve the right to decline and refund any online booking.