IWW Wrestling

The superstars of Ireland's very own professional wrestling promotion are coming to Dualla Show on Sunday. IWW (Irish 'Whip' Wrestling) showcases the best WWE-style wrestling action you will see anywhere in the country. This is entertainment suitable for the whole family!

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Irish "Whip" wrestling gets its name from a classic wrestling move developed by world famous Irish wrestler Danno O'Mahony in the 1930s and 40s and became one of the most common moves used in professional wrestling matches, right up to modern day WWE. In fact, the IWW has been a launchpad for many who ended up as top-flight WWE and NXT superstars. The likes of Drew McIntyre, PAC, Sami Zayn and The Foreign Legion all toured with IWW before making their way to WWE. And of course the most famous IWW son of all is Sheamus who started his wrestling career with IWW before becoming a four-time WWE world champion legend!

The superstars of Irish Wrestling bring their WWE-style antics back to Dualla with the likes of The Galway Grappler and Raven. Last year the Grappler walked off with the Zero Gravity championship defeating Cambo Cray in controversial circumstances! Head over to the wrestling ring from 1pm to see if The Grappler gets his comeuppance this year!

IWW Wrestling

IWW Wrestling

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